boiler gauges | mcmaster-ca

Boiler Gauges | McMaster-Ca

Designed for use with boilers, these gauges have a dual scale that displays pressure in psi and feet of H₂O and displays temperature in °F/°C. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number. Painted Steel Case with Brass Connection—Dual Scale (psi/ft. of H₂O, Fahrenheit/Celsius) For Use With: Steam and Water

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acrylic gauge glass protection cover | gage gla

Acrylic Gauge Glass Protection Cover | Gage Gla

Conbraco 23-650 Stainless Steel Expansion Tank Gauges $ 598.95 Select options Conbraco 24-350 Bronze Liquid Level Gauges $ 344.95 – $ 347.95 Select options Military, Navy & Coast Guard Approved Liquid Level Gauge

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5/8" Boiler Glass Sight Gauge Water Level Packing Nut Leak 58PN 58BW-12 GGW58-12 / GGW58-100 Repair Kit for Steam. 4.3 out of 5 stars 9. $13.44 $ 13. 44. FREE Shipping. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. HPJ2S Steamer Sight Glass Water Gauge Valve Assembly for Steamaster Boilers…

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Crown 58GG24 5/8" OD X 24" Long Standard Pressure Boiler Gauge Glass (Boiler Level Sight Glass)

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jerguson gage & valve the leading supplier of level gag

Jerguson Gage & Valve the leading supplier of level gag

Jerguson is pleased to announce the new Minimum Centers Gage & Valve Assembly Specification Guide, the most comprehensive guide to date for specifying glass level gage & valve assemblies. Contact Jerguson ( or your local representative to obtain a laminated hard copy for your use.

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boiler parts and service | hurst boiler and welding, in

Boiler Parts and Service | Hurst Boiler and Welding, In

Parts, serviceability, and preventive maintenance is the key to keeping a boiler system at peek operating efficiency and is the goal of Hurst After Market and Service Departments. We are committed to providing you with the best service and parts in the industry. We stock replacement parts for our boilers and other major competitors' boilers as ...

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schott - duran tubular gauge glass distributor – redline gla

Schott - Duran Tubular Gauge Glass Distributor – Redline Gla

Redline Glass will custom cut any Tubular and Borosilicate Glass to your specifications. Intermediate Lengths are priced the same as the next longer length. After adding your items to the shopping cart and entering the checkout section, you will find a box titled: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER.

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how to change a boiler sight glass - boiling point - youtu

How to Change a Boiler Sight Glass - Boiling Point - YouTu

Learn how to change a boiler's sight glass today on the Boiling Point. Today on the Boiling Point, Boiler University instructor Jude Wolf goes through the pr...

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yarway color-port water level gaug


Boilers not having a fixed water level, such as forced-flow steam generators and high-temperature water boilers of the forced circulation type, are not required to have a gauge glass. Electrode type electric boilers are required to have only one gauge glass, regardless of MAWP.

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sight flow indicators | flow meters & indicators | glass .

Sight Flow Indicators | Flow Meters & Indicators | Glass .

John C. Ernst provides engineered solutions for process and steam. Learn about specific products such as sight flow indicators, flow meters, liquid level gauges, sight windows, and more.

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WARE's boiler equipment is from the top manufacturers in the industry for both industrial and commercial applications that's guaranteed to give you reliable performance and unmatched savings. ... Sight Glass Jerguson Gauge set with 66 valves and fittings to fit to MM157 includes Crane 300# gate... $1200.00 SKU: 15LR-130 V1-123 Qty: Add to Cart.

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gage glass | boiler room suppli

Gage Glass | Boiler Room Suppli

Tubular Gage Glass, Flat Gage Glass, Sight Glass, Annular Edge Glass, Mica Shields, Gage Glass Washers and Gage Glass Accessories.

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tubular gage glass & gauge glass accessories | boiler suppli

Tubular Gage Glass & Gauge Glass Accessories | Boiler Suppli

Tubular Gage Glass & Gauge Glass Accessories | Boiler Supplies. ... Gauge Glass Squeeze and Pop Cutters ... Low pressure boilers, restaurant equipment, closed tanks, liquid level gages, sight flow, film rolls hydraulic equipment Benefits: Economical, low pressure applications, long service life

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understanding boiler code compliance and magnetic level gag

Understanding Boiler Code Compliance and Magnetic Level Gag

Nov 01, 2016· The boiler drum gage glass is rarely within the individual’s line of sight. To address this situation, the code allows the use of remote gages, but it requires two independent level indicators to...

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boiler gauge glass - youtu


This will help you to know some of details of boiler gauge glass. Helpful in oral exams.

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sight gauges | mcmaster-ca

Sight Gauges | McMaster-Ca

Combine a pair of valves with a gauge glass and four guard rods to build a complete level indicator. Level Indicators with Shut-Off Valve Shut-off valves stop flow so you can clean and replace gauge glass without removing these indicators from your equipment.

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maxos - auer lighti

Maxos - Auer Lighti

MAXOS ® - MADE IN GERMANY. MAXOS ® safety sight and level gauge glasses have proved themselves universally where visual process control is essential. This includes pressure vessels subjected to thermal and chemical stresses and liquid level gauge application. A high safety level is ensured by the use of special borosilicate glass of high chemical durability, exceptional purity and …

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steam boiler sight glass - steam gauge glass - gauge glass .

Steam Boiler Sight Glass - Steam Gauge Glass - Gauge Glass .

Gauge glass is a type of level sensor, a transparent tube through which the operator of a tank or boiler can observe the level of liquid contained within. [pool1] Free shipping on orders over $99

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redline high pressure gage glass | boilersupplies.c

Redline High Pressure Gage Glass | Boilersupplies.c

Schott / Duran® and Corning Pyrex® tubular gauge glass is offered as Red Line, High Pressure Clear, Heavy Wall Clear, and Heavy Wall Red Line.Diameters range from 1/2" OD to 1" OD. End finishes may be cut, ground, or fire polished depending on application. Pressure ratings range from 90 PSI to 600 PSI depending on end finish, diameter, and length required.

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tubular sight glass - high pressure and heavy wa

Tubular Sight Glass - High Pressure and Heavy Wa

Clear Sight Glass: Use when you have a better close-up view of the sight glass. Use when you don't need to easily see the water level inside your tank or boiler. Red-Line Sight Glass: Use when you want an easy way to gauge the current water level inside your tank or boiler. Applications: Tanks, reservoirs, low pressure boilers.

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water levels in steam boilers | spirax sar

Water Levels in Steam Boilers | Spirax Sar

The gauge glass device, which has stood the test of time, is used on the vast majority of boilers and is usually arranged to give a visible range of water level above and below the normal water level. It is essential to understand what is seen in a boiler gauge glass.

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